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Toyota Quality

Learn about our approach to quality from a personal perspective: voices of our customer and employees

Customers determine the Quality. Our mission never ends.

Voices of Customers

  • Our customers are the most important people to listen to when it comes to understanding what Toyota quality means. Their independent views and their experiences with their vehicles tell us whether our quality goals are being met and give us real-world information we need to make improvements and produce ever-better cars.

  • They have shared many remarkable stories about the reliability of our vehicles and the special appeal that makes them a trusted and valuable part of people’s lives. We are always ready to listen to the voices of our customers and we pay equal attention to criticism as to praise.

  • Meet Manfred Dvorak. He is a taxi driver in Austria, He has travelled over 1 million kilometers with his Toyota Prius. He says “the Prius is the ultimate sidekick”.

  • Meet the Crews, a family with an appetite for adventure that knows no boundaries...  As part of their summer holidays they drive their Toyota Avensis from the UK to Turkey each year – a round trip of 5,000 miles.

  • Meet Bob Old and his dog, Murphy. He's covered more than 350,000 miles in his car so far - and describes the Prius as the "perfect fit..."

Approach to Quality

  • Always Better Cars

    We put quality at the heart of everything we do and, true to the principle of kaizen, we are always looking at how we can make improvements so we can be sure of delivering the best quality products and services to our customers.

  • Every member of our workforce understands the importance of never passing on poor quality to the next stage of the process. This means we can tackle any issues at the moment they occur, preventing more serious problems from developing. This approach extends all the way from research and development, through production to our after sales services. Worldwide our quality activities are led by chief quality officers in every region, helping us constantly monitor performance, learn and introduce improvements.

Quality History

  • We have been studying and implementing ways to improve quality ever since our business was founded.

    As manufacturing methods have become more sophisticated, vehicles have become more complex and customer needs and expectations have developed worldwide. We have constantly improved our knowledge, processes and products to deliver better quality in everything we make and do.

  • With the benefit of almost a century of experience, we have built a global reputation that we are committed to maintaining and extending.

Quality Traditions

  • Many of the things we do today to ensure the highest quality in our operations and our products have been part of our way of working for many years – dating back even to the days before we began making vehicles. We are proud of these traditions, which we continue to develop and improve to meet new challenges.

  • The core principles behind our company’s quality assurance system, including ‘Customer First’, ‘Quality First’ and ‘Genchi Genbutsu (Go&See at the scene)’, were established when the company was founded. Since then, these principles have been passed on and inform every organizational level of today’s Toyota, from the shop floor to executive management.

  • Since its founding, Toyota has steadfastly carried out quality assurance activities, resulting in top ratings from our customers.

  • Toyota's approach to quality is unique and has been developed over decades.

  • High Quality Starts with the Customer When Japan introduced a vehicle recall system in 1969, we used a series of high-profile newspaper advertisement features to show how customers are our first concern in ensuring quality in every part of our business, a commitment that remains true today.

  • The Evolution of Toyota’s Quality Assurance System The quality assurance systems we use today have been developed from methods used more than a century ago by the original Toyoda family weaving business. In modern times our Total Quality Control process has helped us continuously improve the quality and reliability of our vehicles.

  • Ask ‘Why’ Five Times About Every Matter Problems give us opportunities to make improvements and ensure good quality, so it is important to find out the root cause when something goes wrong, so that it can be put right and prevented from happening again.