1. Environmental sustainability
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Environmental Sustainability

Learn more about the many ways we’re making mobility more sustainable

Sustainability is at the centre of everything we do. We focus on creating ever better cars that let people live cleaner, safer, less stressful and more connected lives. We strive to develop future mobility solutions that connect people, vehicles and the city to substantially reduce congestion and pollution. We want to operate a business that is profitable, sustainable and a great place to work.

Sustainability is fundamental to how we do business at Toyota as expressed in our 2011 Global Vision. We aim to deliver products and services that respect the planet and enrich the lives of people in the communities where we operate. In 2015, we announced the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 to move toward a society where people, cars, and nature can coexist in harmony. The six challenges are set to go beyond zero environmental impact, hoping to even achieve a net positive impact.

Today, the car industry is facing bigger challenges than ever before. And sustainability is more than ever part of the solution. Rising pollution in cities has led to tougher international and national regulations, requiring cars to be greener throughout their life cycle. At the same time, society and regulators expect cars to be safer, better connected and able to communicate with the surrounding environment. At Toyota we thrive on business challenges, using them as an opportunity to innovate and improve our business.

Mobility for all

Our sustainability approach is focused on ‘Ever-better Mobility for All’. We want to open up new opportunities for customers, change lives for the better and bring new discoveries. We believe that whenever you are free to move, anything is possible. Our ‘Start your impossible’ campaign embodies this vision: an inclusive mobility society for all, including the elderly and people with limited abilities. Mobility should be accessible to everyone.

Collaboration, communication, and community


Toyota Motor Europe has a long tradition of supporting local production, creating wealth and employment, and developing skills in our communities. Today we can proudly say that in Europe we are a legitimate local player, with 20,000 employees, 9 manufacturing plants, R&D and design operations, and 29 sales and marketing organisations covering 53 countries. 8 out of 10 models sold in Europe are locally produced.

While we have a vision for society, we recognise that society in turn has expectations of us. To be able to meet and exceed them, we listen and collaborate with all of our stakeholders to understand their needs. We forge lasting partnerships with our communities. We focus on continuous improvement in our operations and supply chain, in partnership with our employees and suppliers. Through mutual support, open communication and sharing of best practices, we are making sure that our suppliers can deliver at the highest level and remain competitive.

A solid base for sustainable growth

We believe that harnessing the potential of our talents is what will allow us to continue our sustainable growth and to contribute to the European economy. We aim to make the community and society better. By putting people at the heart of everything we do, we aim to truly realise a sustainable society in harmony with people and nature.